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Chardham Yatra Package from Delhi

Chardham Yatra Package from Hyderabad

Embarking on the spiritual odyssey of the Chardham Yatra Package from Hyderabad unveils the revered sanctuaries nestled in Uttarakhand, aptly hailed as Devbhoomi or the Land of Gods. This sacred pilgrimage journey traverses the celestial realms of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, ensconced amidst the lofty Himalayas, beckoning devout souls year-round.

The sanctified Char Dham sites, perched at high altitudes, embrace pilgrims during the summer months, typically from April or May, withdrawing their divine presence with the onset of winter around October or November. The tradition emphasizes a clockwise progression, commencing from Yamunotri, moving through Gangotri, Kedarnath, and culminating at Badrinath. Accessible via road or air, including helicopter services, this pilgrimage holds profound spiritual significance. Some seekers opt for the Do Dham Yatra, focusing on the sacred shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Yamunotri temple, nestled in Uttarkashi district, honors Goddess Yamuna near the river’s origin, while nearby stands Gangotri, venerating Goddess Ganga in Uttarkashi district. Kedarnath, in Rudraprayag district, pays homage to Lord Shiva, and Badrinath hosts the revered Badrinarayan Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. While the Chardham Yatra poses challenges, navigating through rugged terrains, it profoundly resonates within, offering spiritual fulfillment that transcends earthly bounds. This divine expedition ensures a soul-stirring experience amidst the celestial abodes of Uttarakhand. For chardham yatra package from Hyderabad Itinerary check below:.

11 Days /10 Night

Upon arrival at Delhi Railway Station/Airport/Hotel/Home Meet our representative  and proceed towards to Haridwar. On arrival at Haridwar check-in the hotel freshen up & relax and proceed toward Sightseeing

  • Har ki Pauri-

  • Mata Mansa Devi Mandir

  • Mata Chandi devi Mandir

    In the evening have  your dinner & overnight stay at hotel.

In the Morning have your breakfast & check-out the hotel and proceed towards to Barkot. On the way Mussoorie Sightseeing (Kempty fall & Company Garden) On arrival at Barkot check-in the hotel freshen up & relax. Have your dinner & overnight stay at hotel.

Early morning after breakfast, proceed towards to Jankichatti start trek from here to Yamunotri (6kms) (Either by walk or by horse or by Doli at own cost). After taking bath in TaptKund or Jamunabai Kund's warm water and having "Darshan" of "Yamunaji" return to Jankichatti by trek. Take a cab and proceed towards Hotel. Have your dinner & overnight stay at Hotel.

Early morning have your breakfast check our the hotel & proceed toward to Uttarkashi, On arrival at Uttarkashi check-in the hotel freshen up & relax. And proceed for to sightseeing Visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple & Uttarkashi market in evening. Have your dinner & overnight stay at hotel.

Early morning have your breakfast & proceed towards to Gangotri Mata Darshan. On the way at Gangnani take a holy dip in GaramKund, further drive to Gangotri via beautiful Harsil Valley. Harsil is famous for its nature beauty and for the majestic views of the Deodar trees and mountains. On arrival at Shree Gangotri, take a holy dip in the sacred river Ganges which is also called Bhagirathi at its origin. Perform Pooja and Darshan, and back to hotel. Have your dinner & overnight stay at Hotel.

In The Early Morning Have your breakfats & check-out the hotel , and Proceed towards to Guptkashi/Sitapur at approximately 8:30 AM, passing through Moolgarh & Lambgoan. Along the way, enjoy the scenic beauty of the Mandakini River at Tilwara, originating from Kedarnath. Follow the river's course until you reach Guptakashi, where you can explore the Ardh Narishwar Temple. Upon reaching Sitapur, check-in hotel. Have your Dinner and Overnight stay at hotel.

Guptakashi, situated at an altitude of 1,319 meters (4,327 ft) in the Kedar-khanda, holds immense significance in Hinduism. Renowned for its two ancient temples, the first is the Vishwanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, while the second features Lord Shiva in his Ardhnarishwar form. This town is deeply connected to the Mahabharata era and the Pandavas. It is associated with the post-Mahabharata battle period when the Pandavas sought Lord Shiva for forgiveness regarding the events of the war, particularly the killing of their cousins.

Option 1: Start your day early after breakfast and head to the Helipad at Guptkashi/Phata or Sersi, adhering to the given reporting time by the Helicopter Company. Board the helicopter bound for Shri Kedarnath Ji. After a 15-minute flight, arrive at the helipad near Kedarnath Ji. Experience darshan, perform Pooja, and choose to stay overnight at Kedarnath Ji or return for an overnight stay in Guptkashi.


Option 2: Check out from the hotel at 3 AM and proceed towards to Kedarnath. After reach Sonprayag take a union cab and proceed towards to Gaurikund. After reach Gaurikund start a trek shri kedarnath ji 20-22/- km 9-10 HOURS. Upon reaching Kedarnath Ji, partake in darshan and Pooja. In the evening enjoy aarti after aarti back to hotel have a dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

Kedarnath: Revered as one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, the Kedarnath shrine holds paramount importance among Hindus. Kedar is an epithet of Lord Shiva. According to various sculptures, following their victory over the Kauravas in the Mahabharata Battle, the Pandavas sought Lord Shiva's blessings to absolve themselves of the guilt associated with killing their own cousins. Lord Shiva, initially angered with the Pandavas, transformed into the form of a bull. Bhim recognized him, and as Shiva started disappearing into the ground, Bhim tried to push him out. The remaining hump became the Shivalinga in Kedarnath.

Kedarnath Weather: The region generally experiences cold weather throughout the year due to its high altitude. Even in summer, temperatures rarely exceed 20 degrees Celsius, making it the most pleasant period. However, winters bring severe cold, with temperatures dropping to 0 degrees Celsius or even lower.

Option 1: Early Morning reach to helipad and catch the helicopter. Fly back to Guptkashi/Sitapur and proceed to Joshimath/Pipalkoti/Govindghat (170 kms / 7 hrs). En-route visit Ukhimath (Winter adobe of Kedarnath Ji). On arrival check-in to the hotel for Overnight stay at Govindghat/Joshimath/Pialkoti/Govindghat/Badrinath.

Option 2: If returned from Kedarnath on Same day and staying at Guptkashi/Sitapur, Morning after breakfast check-out from the hotel and proceed to Joshimath/Pialkoti/Govindghat/ Badrinath. En-route visit Ukhimath (Winter adobe of Kedarnath Ji). By reaching Check-in at the hotel for Overnight stay at Joshimath/Pialkoti/Govindghat/Badrinath.

Option 3:Next day Early morning take pooja at Kedarnath Temple and trek down to Guptakashi, after Reach Gaurikund take a union cab and proceed towards to Sonprayag. After Reach Sonprayag take a cab and proceed towards to Guptkashi/Sitapur. On arrival at Guptkashi/Sitapur   check in the Hotel have your dinner and  Overnight Stay in Hotel.

In the Morning after breakfast, check out hotel and proceed towards to Badrinath.

On arrival at Bardrinath check-in the hotel freshen up & relax.

After that proceed toward to Badrinath ji Darshan.

In the evening have your dinner and overnight stay in Hotel.

In the morning after breakfast, check-out the hotel proceed towards Rishikesh On the way Sightseeing Mana village sightseeing Vyas Gufa, Ganesh Gufa, Bheem Pool, Mana village.  After Mana Village sightseeing transfer to  Rishikesh, ‎Via Vishnuprayag, Nandaprayag, Karnaprayag,  Rudraprayag and Devprayag. Enroute visit Rudraprayag (sangam of Alaknanda and Mandakini), Devprayag (Sangam of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi) and  visit Rishikesh (Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula). 
On arrival check in Hotel, freshen up & Relax 
In the evening have your dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

In the morning after breakfast, check-out the hotel proceed towards Delhi  Drop at Delhi Railway Station/ Airport/ Hotel/Home for boarding to Hyderabad.

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11 Days /10 Night

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Frequently Asked Question​

What's the approach to undertake the Chardham Yatra, and what constitutes the optimal strategy for planning this pilgrimage?

Embarking on the Chardham Yatra Package requires meticulous planning and a structured approach. Firstly, decide on the sequence of visiting the four dhams—Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri—each holding distinct spiritual significance. Researching these sites is crucial for an informed itinerary. Booking a comprehensive Chardham Yatra Package can streamline travel, accommodations, and local guidance, ensuring a smoother pilgrimage experience. Prioritize comfort, safety, and adherence to the Yatra’s religious customs. Opt for travel options that suit your preferences, be it by road or helicopter. Plan for adequate rest periods, as the journey entails traversing challenging terrains. Lastly, consider the weather and the Yatra’s seasonal timings while planning. A well-organized Chardham Yatra Package facilitates a spiritually fulfilling and hassle-free pilgrimage to these revered sites.

What to bring for Chardham Yatra Darshan?

For a fulfilling Chardham Yatra Darshan, it’s essential to pack wisely. Ensure to carry comfortable and appropriate clothing suitable for varying weather conditions, including warm clothing for chilly mountain nights and lightweight, breathable attire for daytime. Comfortable walking shoes or trekking shoes are vital, especially if you plan to trek to certain temples.

Carry essential medications, a basic first aid kit, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and personal toiletries. Don’t forget important documents like ID proofs, permits, and tickets if pre-booked.

Pack light but include necessities like a water bottle, snacks, and dry fruits for energy during the journey. Additionally, a small backpack or daypack can be handy for carrying essentials during temple visits.

Lastly, carry a humble and respectful attitude, embracing the spiritual essence of the journey. It’s not just about material belongings but also about the mindset and reverence you carry throughout the Chardham Yatra Darshan.

Which is preferable for the upcoming summer Chardham Yatra with my parents: the state government-operated GMVNL or a private tour operator for visiting Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath?

Choosing between the state government-operated GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited) and a private tour operator for the Chardham Yatra depends on various factors. GMVN offers a reliable and standardized service, often focusing on affordability and basic amenities. Their packages may cater to a wider range of travelers, including budget options.

Private tour operators, on the other hand, might offer more personalized services, flexibility in itineraries, and potentially more comfort or luxury options. They often provide tailored experiences, catering specifically to your preferences, potentially ensuring a smoother and more comfortable journey for your parents.

Consider your parents’ preferences, health conditions, comfort, and your own expectations from the journey. If seeking a balance between cost-effectiveness and standard amenities, GMVN might be suitable. However, if personalized attention, added comforts, or specific requirements are crucial, a reputable private operator might better accommodate your needs. Prioritize safety, reliability, and the overall comfort of your parents when making this decision. Research and reviews can assist in determining which option aligns best with your preferences and requirements.

Who can go on the Char Dham Yatra and what exactly is the Char Dham Yatra?

Embark on the sacred Char Dham Yatra Package, a revered pilgrimage encompassing Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. This transformative journey holds no restrictions, inviting Hindus worldwide to seek spiritual cleansing and inch closer to moksha, liberation from the cycle of life and death. Originating from Delhi, this yatra follows a clockwise route through these divine sites, deeply significant in Hindu beliefs. The Char Dham Yatra stands as a pivotal pilgrimage, often considered a mandatory once-in-a-lifetime voyage for many devotees. It beckons those in pursuit of spiritual awakening or seeking absolution from past deeds. Join this profound odyssey to purify the soul and experience the sanctity and serenity of these revered destinations.

Is it possible to undertake the Do(two) Dham yatra from Dehradun by helicopter?

Yes, undertaking a Do Dham Yatra from Dehradun via helicopter is indeed possible and offers a time-efficient and scenic approach to the pilgrimage. The two Dham circuit, usually covering Kedarnath and Badrinath, can be accomplished swiftly using helicopter services available in Dehradun. Helicopter tours typically start from Sahastradhara helipad in Dehradun and allow devotees to visit both sacred sites within a day or two, depending on the package chosen.

This aerial journey not only reduces travel time significantly but also provides breathtaking aerial views of the Himalayas and the surrounding landscapes. It offers a comfortable and convenient alternative for those with time constraints or physical limitations for the arduous trekking involved in the traditional journey. However, availability, weather conditions, and operational schedules of helicopter services need to be considered and booked in advance for a smooth and fulfilling Do Dham Yatra from Dehradun.

When does Chardham Yatra Starts & Ends?

The Chardham Yatra typically begins in late April or early May, marking the start of the Hindu month of Vaishakha. It continues through the summer months and concludes in late October or early November, coinciding with the end of the Hindu month of Kartik. The exact dates can vary slightly each year based on the Hindu calendar, but generally, this pilgrimage season spans from late spring to autumn, accommodating pilgrims and visitors within this time frame to embark on this sacred journey to the four revered pilgrimage sites: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri.

Is it possible to do the Char Dham Yatra in your own car?

Undoubtedly, undertaking the Char Dham Yatra in your own car is feasible and increasingly popular among pilgrims seeking flexibility and autonomy during the journey. The roads leading to the Char Dham sites, especially Badrinath and Kedarnath, have undergone significant improvements, making them accessible by road.

However, it’s essential to consider several factors before opting for a self-driven expedition. The rugged terrain, steep inclines, and narrow pathways demand a sturdy and well-maintained vehicle, preferably an SUV or a car with high ground clearance. Adequate preparations including thorough vehicle servicing, carrying essential spare parts, and being equipped for emergency situations like flat tires or breakdowns is crucial.

Additionally, the unpredictable mountain weather and road conditions mandate caution and flexibility in the itinerary. Being aware of local regulations, traffic guidelines, and planning accommodation along the route ensures a smoother and more enjoyable Char Dham Yatra in your own vehicle.

The Chardham Yatra Package is a revered annual Hindu pilgrimage through the Indian Himalayas. It encompasses four key pilgrimage sites: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. Commencing in Vaishakha (April-May) and concluding in Kartik (November), this journey holds immense spiritual significance.

Planning your Chardham Yatra Package begins by choosing the order of visitation among the four dhams. Each dham possesses distinct allure and attractions, necessitating research for an informed decision. Badrinath, revered for its association with the deity Vishnu, captivates with breathtaking Himalayan vistas. Kedarnath, one of the 12 jyotirlinga temples dedicated to Shiva, resides amidst a stunning Himalayan base. Gangotri, the gateway to this pilgrimage, holds profound sanctity as the origin of the River Ganges, hosting various temples and sacred sites. Completing the circuit is Yamunotri, nestled in a picturesque valley boasting hot springs famed for their medicinal properties. According to legend, the sequence to follow is Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and lastly, the revered shrine of Lord Vishnu, Badrinath. Choose your first dham wisely for an enriching Chardham Yatra Package experience.

What about the new token system at Badrinath? Where are the tokens issues? Does it cost

The new token system at Badrinath was introduced to manage the crowd and ensure a more organized darshan experience. Tokens are issued at the Badrinath temple premises, specifically at the Pandukeshwar temple, around 24 kilometers before Badrinath. These tokens are free of cost and serve as a queuing mechanism to regulate the number of devotees entering the main shrine at Badrinath.

The tokens are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, allowing pilgrims to secure their place in line for darshan. This system helps avoid long waiting times and overcrowding at the temple, ensuring a smoother and more systematic visit to the sacred shrine. Pilgrims need to plan their visit accordingly, considering the token issuance location and the time required to reach Badrinath from Pandukeshwar to participate in the darshan process seamlessly.

What is the approximate Chardham route map?

 There are varying Chardham Yatra package options available online, depending on your needs. You may take your pick from several routes for accessing the Char Dhams. You can book a char dham yatra package from Haridwar or even a chardham package from Delhi. Many also opt for a chardham tour package from Dehradun. The Gangotri and Badrinath Dhams can be accessed from Haridwar, Dehradun, Kotdwar and Rishikesh. Yamunotri requires a trek from Janki Chatti which is roughly 210 kms away from Rishikesh. For Kedarnath, the trek begins from Gaurikund which is 93 kms away from Rishikesh. The sites of pilgrimage encompass 1,670 kms, beginning from Haridwar and concluding at Rishikesh. Here is a sample itinerary that you can check out:
• Haridwar to Barkot- Day 1
• Barkot to Yamunotri- Day 2
• Barkot to Uttarkashi-Day 3
• Uttarkashi to Gangotri-Day 4
• Uttarkashi to Rudraprayag-Day 5
• Rudraprayag to Kedarnath- Day 6
• Rudraprayag to Badrinath-Day 7
• Badrinath to Rishikesh-Day 8
• Departure from Rishikesh- Day 9

Which is the best month to go on a Char Dham Yatra?

The Chardham Yatra Package covers approximately half the year, operating from April/May to October/November, validated on Maha Shivaratri. Winter closures due to heavy snow emphasize the importance of planning the Chardham Yatra Package between April/May and October/November. These closures prompt the relocation of idols to alternate temples, ensuring continued worship during the winter months, underscoring the significance of scheduling visits within the accessible timeframe for the complete Chardham Yatra experience.

Which is the nearest airport to the Char Dham pilgrimage?

When booking a Chardham Yatra package, consider the closest airports. The four Dhams are nearest to Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, only 55 km from Haridwar. Direct flights link Delhi and Dehradun, beneficial for those traveling from the capital. Travelers from cities like Bangalore may fly to Delhi and catch a connecting flight to Dehradun. Kedarnath is about 109 km away, while Badrinath is 146 km from Dehradun. Yamunotri and Gangotri are roughly 210 km and 114 km away, respectively, from Dehradun.

Is there any age limit for the Chardham Yatra?

The regulations governing the Chardham Yatra Package are primarily set by temple committees and authorities. Regardless of whether you opt for a Chardham tour by helicopter or road, there isn’t an official age limit for this pilgrimage. However, according to e-pass guidelines, children under 10 are advised against joining the journey. Similarly, individuals above 65 are cautioned to avoid the Chardham Yatra. Pregnant women are also urged to skip the pilgrimage due to heightened altitude and weather risks.

These guidelines emphasize safety and well-being, offering advisory cautions rather than strict age limits for participants of the Chardham Yatra Package. While there’s no absolute prohibition, it’s crucial to consider these recommendations for a secure and comfortable pilgrimage experience.

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